A Plant That Has Medicinal Properties

When my sister sent me an article about Pueraria Mirifica, I admit that at first I had no clue what it even was. It sounded like Latin, but I was clueless beyond that. She never sends me junk though, so I went to the link that she sent me. I was so happy when I was done reading it too! See, my sister and I are both healthy and in great shape, but we were not blessed with the big breasts gene. I have always accepted that I would never have the kind of breasts I wanted, but I was never truly content with that.

My sister was the same way, and she had even considered going to a plastic surgeon to consider her options. There was no way I would even consider implants. I would rather be able to go jogging without a bra before I went under the knife just to have cleavage. Thankfully, she finally agreed with me. That didn’t stop her from trying to find the newest miracle cream that would give us both the look that we desired. I am glad she didn’t stop looking, because Pueraria Mirifica turned out to be what helped us. Continue reading

I Had to Get a Tooth Pulled

I suppose that I should have known a bit better, because it does not take a lot of sense to see that eating peanut brittle comes with inherent risks. At any rate I was in need of gas and I stopped and of course I grabbed a cold soda from the fountain and then I got a bar of peanut brittle that was sitting beside the cashier. Of course when I took a bite into it, that simply shattered one of my wisdom teeth. I assume that it must have been rotten, or so the dentist in Wollongong said after I went to see her. It was a great thing for me that I was able to find one who was willing to see me, although I tried three or four others first. I had to go to the place, which was called Fairy Meadow Dental, then of course I had to wait until after all of the people with appointments had been in to see the dentist.

In fact it was not all that painful. Continue reading

Top 3 Hair Treatment Options For People Faced With Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most distressing conditions that today’s image conscious person faces. To many people, hair is part of the package that makes ‘beauty.’ Deprived of hair, they tend to feel as if they don’t come across as ‘very attractive’ to others, which indeed tends to be the case sometimes. Thankfully, hair loss can be treated. And there are a number of hair treatment options available to the person faced with hair loss, of which we explore the top three here. 1) The first hair treatment option open to the person faced with hair loss, one which is often highly effective but one which is also rather controversial is hormonal treatment. As it turns out, one of the biggest causes of hair loss, especially in men, is hormonal imbalances. It is this that causes baldness, arguably the most noticeable and thus distressing form of hair loss. What tends to be happening is that male hormones, also called androgens, are falling out of balance; with one of the manifestations being hair loss. So the treatment here would be to try to push those hormone levels back into balance. Several substances – some natural (like saw palmetto) and some synthetic have been observed to have this effect of rebalancing the male sex hormones, and it is these that are employed here to effect hair loss treatment. 2) The second hair treatment option open to the person faced with hair loss is nutritional treatment. If a person is losing hair at a fast rate, and there does not seem to be a hormonal factor in play, then there is a very real possibility that the scalp is not getting the nutrients it needs to make hair. So the intervention here would be to give the scalp the nutrients it needs to make new hair, for which a number of natural substances have always been used, and for which a number of synthetic substances have also been developed. An example of the nutritional hair treatments that work through the nutritional mechanism is aloe vera, which is often used to nourish the scalp – making way for good hair growth. 3) The third hair treatment option open to the person faced with hair loss is that of simply ‘masking’ the hair loss. Rather than attempting to combat the hair loss, one can opt to just hide it. A well appointed wig can come in handy here – it being the simplest of these ‘masking’ treatments for hair loss. Yet the treatments need not be as basic (some call it crude) as a wig. A person looking for a more refined hair treatment might consider buying artificial hair, which offers the opportunity for a more refined look. When many of us hear about ‘artificial hair’ what comes to mind are those ‘odd-looking’ hairs worn by clowns. But the truth of the matter is that if you are willing to pay the right price for it, you can find very real looking artificial hair, which merges perfectly with your natural hair, to give the impression that you still have your entire hair in place.

You and Your Hair – How Natural Hair Treatment Differs With Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair problems are very common nowadays. There are a lot of products that promise an instant answer in getting your healthy, silky and thick hair back. However, we all know that this is not possible unless you undergo a hair transplant procedure. Because some people remain hesitant in undergoing the said procedure, they then avail various means in getting their hair back to its shape by utilizing natural and effective methods. Here are some of the popular ones: Drink Green Tea – research has proven that this drink contains various substances that are very much capable in impeding an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase which is responsible in converting testosterone into DHT. The blocking of this conversion contributes in the prevention of baldness. Herbal Oils – rosemary and sage are one of the most in demand herbs for the hair today. You can boil these two herbs together with other herbs such as nettle root extract and peach leaf. After that, the loose herbs should be carefully strained from the liquid. This should be applied externally, as a daily hair wash. Massage – doing a 15 minute scalp massage daily would really help in promoting hair growth and in stimulating blood circulation in the hair follicles. Meanwhile, you can also utilize electric massagers which are available in the market today; these are specifically designed for scalp massage. Qi Gong – this refers to a Chinese method of utilizing breathing and posture exercises which also includes meditation. Aside from relieving stress, this technique has been proven to produce healing benefits including the improvement of the face and scalp’s blood flow. Careful diet – Our diet plays an important role in preventing further hair loss. Food items that contain zinc and protein which is commonly found in beef and chicken should be included in your diet. However, if you are figure conscious, you can always count on fish, oysters, peanuts, beans and milk to supplement your body with theses needed minerals. Exercise – doing daily exercises do not directly contribute to hair growth. However, holistic practitioners recommend this due to the known fact that exercise could assist in improving blood circulation. Thus, the delivery of oxygen and mineral in our cells remain sufficient, providing healthy hair follicles as a result. Although these natural techniques are proven safe and effective, self-discipline is the main key for all these natural methods to work. Regular application is a requirement in order to ensure hair growth success. On the other hand, if you do not wish to wait or simply don’t have the time to endure these practices, you can simply go for a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation does not prevent hair loss nor does it assist in promoting hair growth. It is a method of placing healthy hair follicles into the balding areas of your head. The most unwanted result post-procedure is the unnatural look of transplanted hair. This is the reason why if you would opt for this kind of procedure, you better be wise in choosing the doctor who will do your transplant. Your physician’s experience and the use of good technology should go hand in hand to ensure the best results. The natural methods of preventing baldness is very safe however, its effectiveness could depend on the manner of its application and consistency. Meanwhile, a hair transplant procedure although risky and costly compared to the former, has a higher rate of providing efficient results. In the long run, you would realize that getting a hair transplant would be wiser compared to the use of natural methods, which although safe and effective could depend on your daily self-discipline. If you wish to learn more or wish to avail a hair transplant and you are around Sydney, Australia, contact the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration.

Hair Removal Techniques For Different Body Parts

There are so many different types of hair removal but what may work for one body part may not work for another, some require more gentle methods while others need something harsher. From shaving and waxing to plucking and epilating, here’s a guide to what type of hair removal works best for each body part.


There are so many possible methods of hair removal for the legs so why not test out a few and choose your favourite one. Wet shaving is typically the most popular because it’s easy to do and gives a nice smooth finish, while an electric shaver is perfect for a quick shave if you don’t have the time. Many women also like to wax their legs because of the result it gives with a smooth and long lasting finish. Epilators have a similar effect as waxing, while depilatory creams melt the hair at the root and are like wet shaving.


You’re probably best sticking with shaving for the underarms, as there isn’t usually a lot of hair and because the surface is quite small. A wet shave will give a clean finish, while you could always use an electric shaver for quick results.

Bikini line

As the bikini line is a sensitive area to remove hair you must take care whatever technique you decide upon. The most effective hair removal for the bikini line is waxing, as this gives a clean finish by removing the hair from the root. Although waxing can be painful at first, the more you have it done the less painful it will be. For quick results, wet shaving is the best technique, but try not to go over one area too many times and always use shaving foam or an alternative. Again, use small scissors to tidy up the area if need be.


Of course, most women will use tweezers to pluck the eyebrows, as this is not only quick and easy but also gives the most definite shape and precision. If you want to trim back the hair on the eyebrows, use some small scissors to remove stray hairs. Threading is a new technique that has similar results but uses small threads to remove the hairs and is carried out in salons. Some women like to have their eyebrows waxed, although this has more long term results it may not give the accuracy of plucking and maybe be more suited to use in the middle of the eyebrows and then touching up with tweezers.

Laser Hair Removal – the best method of hair removal?

Everybody wants to look and feel fantastic and to enjoy the confidence that brings. However, excessive body hair is a common problem effecting both men and women and varies from person to person. It can be unsightly, causing embarrassment and loss of confidence but removing it can be just as bad. Hair removal is often seen as a major inconvenience and a chore to say the least.

There are numerous ways of removing unwanted hair, however the relief is often short lived and just trying to decide on which method to use can be a headache in itself.

Shaving is probably the most commonly used method and does allow you to achieve something approaching smooth feeling skin. However, the re-growth is fast usually returning a day or two after shaving and shaving sensitive areas is also a problem for many people which can cause irritation, rashes and cuts. This is where the creams, foams and moisturisers come in and the cheap and cheerful way of removing hairs walks out the door.

Hair removal creams can be used on most areas of the face and body. The creams usually work within 10 minutes by dissolving the hair. Applying cream to large areas of the body can be tricky and messy and can cause irritation and even allergic reactions. The re-growth is also fairly quick and the hair can be back within a week, as like shaving, it removes hair from the surface of the skin and doesn’t tackle the ‘root’ of the problem.

Waxing the unwanted hair gives a longer lasting result as the hair is basically pulled out whole. It is common not to notice any re-growth for around four weeks. Not long considering the pain waxing causes and the risk of ingrown hairs which can be irritating and cause infection.

However, there is one hair removal option available to everybody which gives permanent results!

Soprano XL

Laser hair removal is safe, quick and easy and with no mess, ingrown hairs or nasty nicks in sight!

Laser hair removal works by permanently damaging the hair follicle underneath the skin so the hair falls out and it is unable to grow back. Soprano XL can treat unwanted hair on all areas of the face and body. The treatment is both comfortable and painless and has even been likened to a hot stone massage. Who ever guessed that hair removal could be enjoyable?

Approximately six treatments are recommended for the body and eight for facial areas, usually with a space of six to eight weeks in between treatments. The best thing is that there are no side effects and results are noticeable after the first one to two treatments. After each treatment the hair will be noticeably thinner and finer than before until most of the hair is un-able to grow back. The costs start at approximately £50 per treatment and due to the small number of treatments needed to eliminate unwanted body hair the overall cost compared to a lifetime of shaving or waxing is considerably less.

LHR is becoming more and more popular by the minute. As the treatments are so comfortable with no mess and minimal effort from yourself, laser hair removal is the new lunch hour treat!

Learn more about Female Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

There are many different forms of hair treatments, however, it is important to first have an idea of the underlying causes of female hair loss prior to treatment in order to arrive upon the surest methodology to manage one’s hair problems. A lot of various methodologies have been said to assist in reducing problematic hair thinning. However, some of these “solutions” are simply crazy approaches that do little to progress hair regrowth. That said, this does not mean that you cannot find a female hair solution to remedy the issue. The key thing is to understand that the best treatment for hair is thought to include treatment of some hair follicles to re-establish the natural course of hair development.

Anything that results in body inequity can cause hair to fall out. The following are some necessary tips that will assist in maintaining your hormones at the necessary levels. Female hair loss causes and treatment can be found below.

Prescription drugs can result in Hormonal Imbalances

At present, many people live busy lives and engage in diets that result in hormonal imbalances. Some of the general ailments that people encounter vary from colds, aches, pains, nerve damage, and the flu. When people are afflicted by said diseases, they generally consult with their doctors for advice. However, many medications that are prescribed also have some severe side-effects; the loss of hair and hair thinning in women are quite common. Before you begin taking a prescription, it is important that you examine familiar side-effects that may be caused by the medication before you begin taking it. This will assist you in avoiding taking risky medication.

Not taking drugs that will bring hormonal imbalance is a great female hair loss treatment from a prevention standpoint, however, don’t make the mistake in assuming that you will see the side-effect details on the drug packaging. The details are written on a leaflet that is folded and located within the medicine package. The leaflet appears unessential since it is not prominently featured, but it should still be read. Companies are bound by law to mention all the side-effects that may be realized from consuming drug prescriptions. This is why they record all of the side effects in a brochure and place them obscurely within the package to increase the likelihood that clients will not interpret them.

Birth Control Pills can result in Hormonal Imbalances

The largest proportion of women facing female hair loss is the result of hormonal imbalance. Birth control pills results in 75% of hormonal inequity in women. The pills themselves chemically-engineered ingredients. When you consume them, they transform the chemical elements of the human body. If you take birth control pills that are loaded with hormones, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of any hair loss solution that you utilize. The best method is to make a smart choice on birth control approaches that would assist you in fertility control without interfering with your hormones.

Understand Hair Loss and how to find the right Hair Loss Treatment?

Before we start elaborating on the possible treatment options, it is very much necessary to understand the problem first. The very first thing is that we humans tend to lose few hairs every day and that doesn’t refer to hair loss. So, if you witness excessive hair fall than the usual one, it is known as hair loss and this is the time when you should look for effective hair loss treatment options. As it is a very common condition, it affects most of the people at some time in their lives.

There could be various reasons behind the excessive loss of your hair such as illness, emotional trauma, protein deprivation, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, thyroid disease, and iron deficiency anemia etc. All these causes typically don’t directly lead to hair fall but lead to certain other hair conditions that further lead to hair fall. For example, if you’ve dandruff, your hairs are more likely to get damaged over a period of time. And you should first seek anti-dandruff treatment for your hair.

According to hair care experts, it is strongly recommended to ensure adequate nutrition to your hair by eating nutrient-rich diets so that any kind of vitamin deficiency can be avoided or treated. Next thing to do is to choose an avenue for hair fall treatment. It is not just about choosing any hair care centre but there must be a thorough research before the selection.

In today’s times of internet technology, it has become much easier for people to look at various options at one point of time. The emergence of websites has allowed people to search for and compare different types of hair loss treatment options and service providers in no time.

With the passage of time, several new and advanced hair loss treatment options have arrived that are not only high effective but alsodon’t cause major side effects. Therefore, it is recommended to do a thorough research before joining any hair loss program. Take a closer look at all the treatment options available and then decide which avenue to actually head for. A good centre will not only provide you right treatment but also give you right advice and suggestions to make your hair your pride.

Today, there is a treatment for any specific hair related problem. So, take your time and make the use of online tools available to determine your kind of problem and search for the best available solutions. Many popular treatment options are hair moisturizing, frizz free treatment, force vector treatment, stem cell treatment for hair fall & regrowth, and hair transplant.

Hair Treatment Mumbai

Thinning locks and Hair reduction is slowly becoming an outbreak. Many people search for treatment for locks reduction & hair fall, as it may be an aesthetic discomfort for them. Thinning locks and hair fall is affecting job opportunities, connections, mental well-being and self-confidence. It is an illness that needs treatment. Thinning locks can have an emotional impact, hence it is best to search for treatment if you are distressed with your appearance.

Certain treatments are suggested for locks reduction such as Stem Cells treatment, Hair transplant treatment etc. Apart from these, there is one latest treatment available – QR 678 Hair growth factor shots. A lot has been written about this novel treatment in the magazines and newspapres. QR 678 is a novel compound, developed after a lot of research and analysis in hair growth treatments, by Dr. Rinky Kapoor – a top/ best aesthetic skin specialist and trichologist on the globe, and currently practicing in Mumbai, India and Dr. Debraj Shome. The QR 678 injection is more advanced and apparently gives better outcomes than Stem cell and PRP treatment / procedure for locks reduction and locks growth. While Hair transplant treatment (implant) & hair recovery surgery treatment merely relocates locks, the QR 678 treatment / procedure actually develops locks and treats indicative hair loss, locks decrease in women, hair loss and androgenetic causes of locks drop.

All over the globe there is a lot of analysis going on to develop a wonder drug to treat this issue of locks reduction, though treatments from medications to surgery treatment are currently available. However, not many benefit, sometimes they just don’t show desired results, there are a huge number of undesirable outcomes, some individuals are not suitable for available treatments, cost is huge for Hair transplant treatment and Hair refurbishment surgery treatment, outcomes are not durable, adverse reactions are a concern, etc.

What exactly is the QR 678 Hair growth Factor?
A growth factor is a naturally sourced material capable of exciting Cell growth, proliferation and cell distinction. Usually it is a protein which is present regionally and causes development of that particular tissue. Growth factors are important for controlling a variety of cell processes & act by attaching to specific receptors on the surface of their target cells.

A QR code is a code used in medicine based on €Quick Response€. 678 represents €there is no answer€. The creators told us that this compound has been named QR 678 to indicate a €Quick Reaction to a illness which earlier had no answer€!

The Times of India (India’s biggest English newspaper) first revealed, in a 1st page article, on the QR 678 Best Hair Treatment.

Mode of administration for QR 678: For Patients suffering from hair loss, mesotherapy is performed with the QR 678 compound which are patented growth factors, applied by tiny virtually pain-free shots in the head. Development of hair requires 5-8 sessions spread 2-3 weeks apart each. Usually 1 ml of solution is injected per session, each session takes 15 minutes, no hospital stay is required, and each hypodermic injection costs Rs. 6000 per ml of hypodermic injection per session.

What to expect after undergoing the treatment?
The creators are clear that QR 678 will NOT necessarily perform in everyone. This works obviously only when at least a few locks roots are available in the areas treated. These locks roots may be quiescent and not very healthy, they may even be minute and NOT visible to nude eye evaluation, BUT they need to be there! Hence, first the scalp is analyzed with a magnifying glass to see if some locks roots are available and only then is treatment suggested. Results generally are 80 % restoration or more based on the extent of the issue.
Improvement starts after 4 sessions.

QR 678 will perform prior to or after a hair transplant treatment, if you are considering one. The QR 678 will certainly reduce the possibility of requirement for Hair transplants in a significant population with mild to moderate hair loss.

This innovative treatment is being considered for demonstrations and journals in the medical community world-wide and is currently looking forward to a world-wide patent – A patent in Indian has obviously already been awarded! Now, folks all over the globe can have a €hair raising’ story to tell!